PLAY AND LEARN FROM HOME! Number 1 to 5 Printable For Toddlers

by - Mei 11, 2020

"Children learn best when they are having fun,"


Maybe not many of you know that I am a preschool teacher. I have started my teaching career since 2016 and since, I began to love children world so much. I found teaching toddlers so much fun, it has its own challenges, it's not easy, but I will come back teaching early learners even if I have another option.

I also like to create printables and other teaching materials for them, instead of downloading it from another source. By doing so, I can make materials which are personalized, based on my students' ability and interest, and in line with the theme I currently teach. So, here they are! I am going to share you some of my self-made number puzzle that can be printed out and used to play with your kids!

How to use it?
First, print the printable and cut the each picture according to its shapes (rectangle and oval).
Second, cut the lines that separate the number and the picture.
Third, play them! ask your children to count the pictures and match them with the numbers.

What will your child learn?
1. Counting (always start with quantities, mommies)
2. Recognizing number symbols (and then, try to elaborate quantities with the symbols)
3. Shapes recognition (rectangle if the puzzles are put together, and oval for the egg number puzzle)
4. Learning language by naming items on the puzzle. You can ask your children to say out loud the picture on the puzzle, frog, birds, etc.)

 Yes! So many things to learn from simple puzzles like this, do you agree with me? :-) 
You can download the Egg Number Puzzle for free HERE and the 1-5 Number Puzzle HERE. Enjoy them and don't forget to always play with your child, mommies! Make sure that they are having fun and learn something new from what they are playing.

Some tips to accompany your children in playing:
1. Show them how to do it. Children see, children do.
2. Encourage them to say what they have in mind. You should always appreciate them because they are just being themselves.
3. Be their friends, ask them things, not telling them everything. For example, instead of telling them it's circle, try to ask them, "What shape do you think it is? Is it triangle?" and get ready to be amazed of what they are thinking :-)
4. Try to always wrap up the play so that they know that they learn something new by playing.

So, happy playing and learning! Children's world is amazing!


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